you are enough

Are You Enough?

Not clever enough, pretty enough, creative enough, strong enough, thin enough?

Want to take up a new creative hobby? Your brain goes, “I’m not imaginative enough”. Want to feel great in your new jeans? Brain pops in waving, hey we’re not thin enough.

It’s so bloody damaging

“I’m not enough”.

It’s probably the most destructive thought you’ve ever had. It’s a tricky monster, as it disguises itself every way it possibly can. Very rarely will it ever appear in its simplest form.

The belief “I’m not (insert whatever here) enough”, will tie you up in a straight jacket, forever limiting you.

These thoughts don’t serve you. They limit you, more than you will ever realise. You might be surprised to know that they affect everyone, including those who have the world at their feet.

Want to know how this belief affects people who you would consider super successful, check out this youtube video.


But I’ve carried this thought for decades, can I really change it?

The great things about beliefs are that they’re just thoughts you’ve practised. You’ve practised this one for a while but that doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it. Instead, you need to practise the new belief that you want to have. I am creative enough, I am clever enough, I am ENOUGH.

    • Will your thinking change overnight? no,
    • Will it be hard? No,
    • Will it be a lot of effort? god no!
    • Do you need to know why or when this belief began? Noooooooo

All you need to do is remind yourself that you are enough, just as you are.  It took many experiences over decades to create the belief that you’re not enough. You don’t need to wait decades to make a change. Little reminders in your daily life goes a long way, so here are a few printables to get you started.

Free Printables

These are A4 size but you can resize them to fit your needs.