selfish and family

Being selfish good for Others?

It’s instinctual to look after yourself first, society has turned this instinct into something we should ignore, but how can we take care of others, if we’re low on energy, passionate and lust for life?

We are taught that we should be community orientated, family orientated, that we should sacrifice our own needs to serve the needs of others. Yes, these are worthy traits, they have built us into a progressive supportive species, but these are the things that should only be focused on when we have cared for our self first.

So many of us see the word selfish as a negative thing, it suggests that we don’t care about others, that we put our own need first at the expense of everyone else.

But what if by being selfish, you are more willing to help others, you are happy to dedicate your free time to a community project.  What does the term selfish mean?  It means putting your health and wellbeing first before everything and everyone else.  Does that seem so unreasonable?  If you’re a mother, then you know how draining that role can be, without being selfish how will you find the energy and mental stamina to deal with screaming kids, to meet their constant demands and still be a loving parent.  If you don’t take time for yourself, to remind yourself that being a mother is not your only role then you’ll lose your sense of self and start to resent the life you have (whether you admit it or not).

How about if we interchange the word selfish with self-care? That seems logical, it seems a no-brainer.


It is selfish to spend time creating something that makes you feel satisfied and accomplished? Or is it self-care?